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I will be updating this pinned topic as we go along and as information needs to be updated. 


Teacher Review Forum

Only members who have had their memberships cleared into "Resident" status will be able to use the Teacher Review Forums.  That process is making sure that individual does not have more than one membership ID, making sure they are not a spammer, or troll, tightening up on the information they provided in their profile to be the best of our knowledge, true.

Once verified feel free to to use the polling function for any history or past experience you or your child has had in years past.

Please only use the poll voting function on a teacher after the school year and not during as your opinion may change.  What helps even more so than just polling teachers as a form of evaluation but also comment with positive or negative feedback that you or your child had with the selected teacher.

DO NOT use "defamation" or "Libel" statements about individuals that you know to NOT be factually true. 

DO NOT be detoured to express your "Opinion" which is protected under the constitution of The United States.

I will go into a little bit greater detail on this and illustrate some typical examples of "Libel, Defamation, and Opinion" , also a little case history as far as how courts view online statements.  The purpose of this forum is to create awareness whether it's positive or negative content, the intent is not to mis-characterize.

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