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  1. High Voltage added a topic in San Diego School General Discussion   

    I will be updating this pinned topic as we go along and as information needs to be updated. 
    Teacher Review Forum
    Only members who have had their memberships cleared into "Resident" status will be able to use the Teacher Review Forums.  That process is making sure that individual does not have more than one membership ID, making sure they are not a spammer, or troll, tightening up on the information they provided in their profile to be the best of our knowledge, true.
    Once verified feel free to to use the polling function for any history or past experience you or your child has had in years past.
    Please only use the poll voting function on a teacher after the school year and not during as your opinion may change.  What helps even more so than just polling teachers as a form of evaluation but also comment with positive or negative feedback that you or your child had with the selected teacher.
    DO NOT use "defamation" or "Libel" statements about individuals that you know to NOT be factually true. 
    DO NOT be detoured to express your "Opinion" which is protected under the constitution of The United States.
    I will go into a little bit greater detail on this and illustrate some typical examples of "Libel, Defamation, and Opinion" , also a little case history as far as how courts view online statements.  The purpose of this forum is to create awareness whether it's positive or negative content, the intent is not to mis-characterize.
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  2. High Voltage added a topic in Classifieds   

    This is for residents and members to post their private & personal items (Such as furniture, computers, & vehicles) or announcements such as garage sales.  Not for advertising business, services or regular retail items
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  3. High Voltage added a post in a topic Teacher Protection   

    This is not a site where we are going to enable "Libel" by whether someone "thinks" a teacher might be a pedophile. 
    We're only going to allow individuals to express their "opinion" based on their first hand experience and fact, not what they "might" have heard from a neighbor or friend.  Think of this as a yelp or amazon review.  This site is going to do it's best to verify it's members and of course make them easily identifiable in case of "Libel"  This site logs all IP address.
    i.e. Libel, "I don't care for Mrs Jones as a teacher because I know she cheats on her husband", or "She has a fake diploma on her wall"
    i.e. Opinion, "I don't care for Mrs Jones as a teacher because she has poor communication in returning my phone calls or telling my child one thing and myself another",  or "I've discovered throughout the year in talking with other parents of the classroom that other children were not getting the right lesson plans as well, so come test time students were very it'll prepared for what was expected of them"
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  4. Tichael Murko added a topic in San Diego School General Discussion   

    Teacher Protection
    What are you doing to ensure that teachers are not slandered on your site?
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  5. High Voltage added a topic in SRC Site News & Information   

    Welcome to SRC
    I just want to welcome everyone visiting or joining to the Scripps Ranch 
    I myself have been a resident of Scripps Ranch since birth in 1973.  I moved out for a while shortly after High School, and after I started a family of my own I decided it was best to raise my children/family back to Scripps Ranch because it's so family orientated.  It was quite funny to also see so many childhood and school friends also make their way back to the ranch. 
    I'm no stranger to message boards & news sites such as what I'm launching here....and this is not the finished final product as work is still in progress.
    The reason why I'm launching SRC is because I've seen a need for it while some of my older boys have gone through school, a lot has changed  with schools since I attended school back here soooooo long ago.  So long ago I was the first Kindergarten Class of Jerabek.
    I want to create awareness and have an open line of communication between parents and schools, as well as residents and business with their community, and also crack open the inner working of the politics that happen with our community.
    There are a couple of things I need to get out in the open.  There is a couple of tiers when it comes to membership, first and foremost this site is free to all.  Their are guests who have limited view because they have not signed up, there are Resident membershipss... and they are just that.  Residents are able to view everything.  Businesses who want to choose to advertise here if they so choose and help support this site as it's very time consuming can sign up a Vendor. 
    As I said, I'm no stranger to Message Board Sites and I currently actively run one other.  One thing I suggest to you is that message boards are tough, and you have to have thick skin on occasion to actively participate in one.  I won't let anything personal stand, and when it gets to that point, posts will be edited and deleted, offender who continuously act in this manner will be banned.  I let conversations and topics roll on, no matter how brutal they can get with "opinion and fact", but when they turn personal that's when moderation happens on my end.
    My suggestion is don't take anything personal, it's hard to interrupt what you read and how a message or from comments and how they might really intend on being relayed, or meant online.  If you're someone who is easily offended, then I would suggest stick to reading only, or not at all. 
    There are two objectives i have for this site.
    #1 To start a ratings system that goes hand in hand of reviews of teachers, staff and schools by parents.  Please use polls of these subjects at the end of the school year as you can't change your answers once their set.  Feed back in making a reply or comment to those subjects is always more welcome.
    #2 is opening up and discussing the community politics of what happens in or out that affects the Scripps Ranch Community
    ***I'll be updating this topic as I go along.  Any suggestions are always welcome as i go along in developing this useful tool for our community.
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